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How to Manage Vaccination Status

Note: The SETUP menu has been renamed to SETTINGS.

Video Tutorial Transcript

Danielle from Power Diary

Hey everyone, Danielle here. Today I’m going to walk you through how to use the Power Diary platform to manage your clients’ vaccination status. Because let’s face it! In today’s day and age, it’s very important to know if a client is or isn’t vaccinated. This is going to be short and sweet and something you can easily implement and tailor for your business, so let’s get started!


Setting up Client Classifications

All right, so the first thing you’re going to want to do is to go ahead and log in to your power diary platform on your computer. Now you’re going to want to click on “Setup”, scroll down to “Custom lists” and select it, and then click “Client classifications”. Now you’re going to want to add a client classification. Now, this is where you can tailor it to meet your business’s needs. Maybe you want to do Covid-19 Johnson and Johnson Vaccinated, Covid-19 Moderna First shot, Covid-19 Pfizer First shot, Covid-19 Moderna Double Vaccinated, whatever you want to use to manage your client’s vaccination status. In this case, I’m just going to put “Covid-19 Vaccinated” and click “Save”. I’m going to add one more classification, I’m going to put “Covid-19 Fully Vaccinated”. So now I’ll know if they’ve been vaccinated at least once and I’ll know if they’ve been vaccinated fully and I’ve got those two classifications set up now in my portal.


Adding Classifications to Client Profile

Now if I’ve got a client coming in, let’s say I’ve got Danielle coming in. I’m going to go under classifications and she’s sitting in front of me. So I’m going to ask “Hey Danielle, are you vaccinated for Covid-19?” and she says “Yes” and then I said “Are you fully vaccinated?”, she said “Yes”. And now I’m gonna go ahead I’m gonna check those boxes and I’m gonna save the changes so whenever I come back to her record I can see that she’s been vaccinated and she’s been fully vaccinated.

And let’s say I’ve got another client coming in, I’m going to go back. I’m going to select Kevin here and he’s been vaccinated but only been vaccinated once. So I’m only going to put “Covid-19 Vaccinated” and again, you can tailor these classifications to better meet your business’s needs and what you would like to see. Type of shot they’ve had, maybe you want to know if they’ve had the flu vaccine, you can add in all those kinds of classifications so you have that information. But in this case, he’s only been vaccinated once. I’m putting “Covid-19 Vaccinated” and I’m saving the changes.


Classification Reports

Now let’s say you want to see a report of these clients and if they’ve been vaccinated or not. So you’re going to go to “Reports” and then “Classifications” and now you’re going to want to clear the dates because I want to see not just the customer or the clients that are coming this week or over the month. I want to know just kind of in general who’s been vaccinated who hasn’t. So now I’m going to do two classifications I want to search for “Cover-19 Fully Vaccinated” and “Covid-19 Vaccinated”. I’m going to run this report, so this tells me that there’s been at least one shot done and I’ve got that report. Now let’s say I only want to know who’s fully vaccinated I want to run that report so now I only see one person. And if I want to download this as an excel or pdf or print it, I’ve got it right there and again if I want to see both I’ve got both.


So there you go, very easy for you to go ahead and manage, very easy for you to export that data from our system and very easy to set up so tailor it to meet your business’s needs. Make it work for you! I hope you like this short video have a great day.

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