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Adding Clinicians

Note: The SETUP menu has been renamed to SETTINGS; the Calendars menu was renamed to Practitioners; the Diary Roster menu has been renamed to Availability.

Video Tutorial Transcript

Damien Adler

Hi, Damien here from Power Diary. In this video, we’re going to look at adding calendars or adding clinicians to your account.


Adding New Clinician – Basic Information

So we’re going to click here on ‘Setup’ and ‘Calendars’. And here you’ll see we’ve got a few already added to this account but to add a new one you will just click on ‘Add new calendar’ here [button on the top] and you can complete the details to add a new person in.

Now, what I’m going to do though is to show you an already completed one because it makes it a little bit clearer in terms of what information goes where. So, if we look at Renee, we get a bit of a profile for Renee. We put in her main name, a shortened name which is sometimes used for text messages, you might prefer to have a less formal name going out than what her real name is. So this [her real name] is used for insurance purposes and so forth. A mobile number, this mobile number does not get sent out or exposed to clients unless you include that in a merge field in one of your communications, but it’s used internally to notify Renee of any appointments or cancellations and so forth. Ditto for Renee’s email address. You can also, add custom invoice text, so if there’s anything specific to do with Renee that you would like to appear on invoices you can do that. Then, we have these couple of options here that are very handy.


Appointment Information for Clinicians

So this is appointment information, so you can add this information about Renee, and when you’re on the main calendar page and I might actually, just click and flick across and show you this. What you’ll see here is that information, if you hover over Renee, you’ll see that information pops up to say that she’s a child psychologist, prefers ages from 3 to 18, and so forth. This could be very helpful when you’ve got a new administrative staff for instance, who don’t know who does what. It means when they are booking an appointment they can quickly see which may be the appropriate clinician to book a patient or a client in with. So I’ll just go back to Renee’s profile here.


Additional Client Portal Information about Clinicians

Finally, we have some information that you can add that is visible to clients if they are booking through your client portal. In other words, if a client is booking appointments themselves, you can have some separate information that shows here, “Renee is experienced child psychology with special interests in education development.” So it makes it easy for people to see if she might be a good fit for them.


Clinician settings

Let’s look at some other options in this calendar or clinician setup. We have some settings here [Setup -> Calendar -> Clinician -> Settings] that allow you to customise some of the behaviour of how you would like appointments treated. For instance, we can set it to the default locations of new appointments made. We can say which locations they should be defaulted to. We can also control what services are available for people to book online and patients who are booking online themselves. You can customise what services are available for each clinician. And now we have a couple of communication options. If for instance, a client was to reply to a text, you have the option of actually forwarding that text through directly to Renee or you could have it forwarded to her email address or to a business address and so forth. In a similar way, if a client was to cancel via SMS then you can have the option to forward a notification via SMS or email and so forth to Renee. Now, I will show you quickly here insurers but I won’t go through the setup of that as we will do that in another video. But just so you know it is there.


Google sync

We have Google sync so if Renee wants her appointments from Power Diary to sync to her Google Calendar, you can do that from there.


Available Services

We also have ‘Available services’ that I was referring to that we can kind of customise and we can show which services are available for booking on the client portal for Renee.

Finally, here we have the diary roster. What we will do is, in a separate video I will show you how to set up and configure the rosters but for now, I just want to let you know that that is there. So that’s it for this video.


Deactivate Clinician Account

You can add clinicians to your system very easily so just ‘Setup’ -> ’Calendars’ and ‘Add new calendar’ [shows button]. As you add new calendars, or in fact, if you deactivate calendars that someone was finishing up with you and you can just deactivate that there [Active – Toggle button] and save it, it will automatically adjust your plan. So if adding clinicians increases then you will be notified of that. Or in fact, if you were to deactivate, all the data is saved but that person is removed from the plan and their calendar no longer displays in your main screen but the data is still there so that all happens automatically. You don’t need to contact us or do anything to add or remove clinicians. Thank you very much for watching! That’s the end of this video.

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