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SMS & Email Communication

Automate appointment reminders, send SMS or email promotions, and keep in touch.

Automated SMS and Email Appointment Reminders

Eliminate no-shows and last minute cancellations.

You work hard to fill up your weekly diary. Your days are planned and your clinicians are ready and waiting for their appointments. So when all systems are “a-go” and the patient is nowhere to be found, it’s frustrating, and extremely costly. Our advanced appointment reminder and communication functionality helps eliminate pesky no-shows all together.

• Send up to 3 automated reminders per appointment
• Slow no-shows with early weekend reminders
• Enjoy auto appointment confirmation

Two Way Chat with Clients

Our unique two-way chat facilitates back and forth communication between you and your valuable clientele. Maybe you need to follow up on paperwork, or the client wants to let you know they’re running a bit late. Whatever it is, handle it all by SMS within Power Diary.

Marketing Communications

Being able to communicate with your clients in bulk makes running a practice so much easier. That’s why we’ve taken our communication functionality one step further by allowing you to execute a bulk send. Send out a text promotion or schedule update. We believe in keeping people in the loop; and with both email and SMS (bulk or single send), you can do just that.


From bulk sending a mass email marketing campaign to communicating 1 on 1 with a prospective client; you can do it all within the parameters of your Power Diary account. Whether it’s a promotional message or just a simple check in; we’ve built a system that supports your unique email marketing and communication requirements.


Did you know that over 99% of all text messages are opened and read within 5 minutes of delivery? That statistic alone makes texting a borderline can’t ignore marketing and communication method. As long as you’re obeying best practices (texting at reasonable hours and not messaging without expressed prior consent), both bulk and single send SMS are proven to be highly effective.

Need some inspiration? Here are some proven marketing ideas for clinics.

20% off all 60 minute Swedish massages; show this text before 8/10 to redeem.

Stop down before December 14 and get a free $10 gift card for every $30 purchased.

Happy birthday Stacey! Stop down today and show this text to claim a free treat.

Wondering what a general announcement or information might look like? Here are some examples.

Please remember to bring your new patient paperwork to your appointment tomorrow at 1PM.

Hi Sarah! I just had a spot open up at 1:30 tomorrow. Would you like to reserve that slot?

Hi Dawn! Don’t forget to bring your X-Rays to tomorrow’s appointment. See you soon!

Create and Send Client Statements

With merge fields, custom reminder content, and adjustable reminder settings, you take personalisation to a whole new level. Merge fields allow you to include a unique identifier (as first name) in your communication. And trust us when we say, this personalisation goes a long way.
With customisable reminder content, you can use a default message or write a personalised message to suit the client’s needs.
Finally, adjustable settings allow you to distinguish reminders at the practice, client, or appointment level.


Personalising your communication assures your clients that they’re more than just a number. This added effort is great for increasing retention.


When you customise settings to fit the unique preferences of your client, you let them know you don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach.


Let our system focus on automating the mundane, everyday work so you can dial in and give your client the best treatment possible.

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