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Power Diary + DVA: Better Together

Use our integration with DVA to seamlessly prepare and submit claims for the veteran community of Australia, all from within Power Diary.

DVA Integration Power Diary
DVA Integration

Why use Power Diary with DVA?

Effortlessly prepare and submit DVA patient claims directly through Power Diary.
With our integration, claim submissions are lightning-fast, with claimant details automatically filled in according to their details stored within Power Diary.
There is also no terminal required so you can process your claims from anywhere.

Simple Claim Submission

With this integration, DVA claim submissions are a breeze, especially if you’re familiar with submitting Medicare claims through Power Diary!

Streamlined Setup for New Clients

If the majority of your clients are claiming through DVA, you can save time when setting up new clients by automatically assigning the insurer to new clients by default.

Information is Automatically Populated

With this integration, claim details such as patient, provider, and referral information is auto-populated! All you’ll need to input are small details such as the treatment location.

Completely Free!

Integrating your account with DVA is free, and there are no additional fees or costs associated with lodging claims.

More About DVA

DVA is the Department of Veterans’ Affairs of the Government of Australia. They are responsible for delivering government programs for war veterans, members of the Australian Defence Force, members of the Australian Federal Police, and their dependents.
They provide a variety of in-home and community support programmes focused on assisting with continued independent living by supporting individuals’ health, well being, and community connection.

For additional information, see a list of DVA’s key services, as well as further details on their health and treatment support, or contact DVA.

Setting Up DVA with Power Diary

Setting up your account for DVA claiming is straightforward, and our Knowledge Base articles cover everything you need to know, from registering for DVA claiming and preparing your Power Diary account for claiming to the full process of submitting claims. You’ll also find some FAQs. 

What our customers say about Power Diary + DVA

"Fantastic PMS. Easy to use and provides great financial reports. I love how it is integrated with Physitrack, Medicare, DVA, and Stripe. Best decision I made to switch to Power Diary.”

Danielle Meldrum

"I have been using Power Diary for around 4 years and find it reliable, user-friendly, secure, accessible, and provides all the resources I need to run my practice. The insurer/invoicing system and Medicare/DVA makes this process very easy."

Focus Time Psychology

"It's just practical... it takes care of Medicare and DVA, it manages my invoices, and whenever I have a problem I can just contact the support team."

James Douglas,
The Long Gallery Psychologists

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