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Our Team

The people are the heart, soul, and brains behind Power Diary

Customer Support

Working hard to help our clients get the most out of Power Diary

Harry from Power Diary


Customer Success Representative & Feature Request Coordinator

Harry knows Power Diary inside out and is always happy to help. With so many of our clients in the healthcare industry, he loves helping those who help others. While Harry has deep technical knowledge, he prides himself in being able to present information in a way that makes sense to our users. Harry also helps organise and prioritise our feature requests. When he’s not working, Harry enjoys rock climbing, reading and appreciating music. He is also a keen writer and dreams of publishing a book one day.

Favourite emoji: 🤠

Claire from Power Diary


Customer Success Representative & Data Import Specialist

Claire has worked with Power Diary for over 5 years and knows our system inside out. Her curious nature and problem-solving skills allow her to provide superb customer support. Claire also handles many new client data import requests – luckily she enjoys solving challenges and working with data to ensure new accounts are set up in the best way possible. When not working, Claire enjoys basketball and gardening (and dreams of one day having a small hobby vegetable or fruit farm).

Favourite emoji: 🤔

Callum from Power Diary


Customer Success Representative

Callum is based in the UK, and with a background in online software, he has good experience with supporting customers and resolving any technical issues. He particularly enjoys contributing to clients’ business growth and loves that no two days are the same, with each bringing a new challenge. Outside of work, you’ll find Callum cooking, at the gym or watching Netflix, and he loves gaming and travelling to new places. Callum’s ambitions are to live 100% eco-friendly and off-the-grid (but maintain fibre-optic internet) and to own a record player with classic vinyl.

Favourite emoji: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Katie from Power Diary


Customer Success Representative

Katie provides customer support from the US and loves helping customers to grow their businesses by solving any issues they encounter. With both her specialist knowledge and empathic approach, Katie works well with a variety of learning and communication styles. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her dogs, and her hobbies include gardening (even growing her own vegetables!) and quilting with her grandmother. A dream is to one day live in another country and fully immerse herself in another culture.

Favourite emoji: 💗

Abizar from Power Diary


Customer Success Representative

Abizar writes support articles to make it easy for people to understand how they can use Power Diary to its full potential. He loves showcasing the different features within the system and says that ‘once you start using them – you won’t be able to live without them!’ He writes like he talks, and loves to make our documentation simple and light-hearted (sometimes even funny!). When he’s not working, you can find Abizar playing volleyball, listening to podcasts, exploring the countryside or watching too much TV. He dreams of living long enough to see people settle on Mars!

Favourite emoji: 💪

Irina from Power Diary


Customer Success Representative

Irina provides customer support from Australia and has a great range of experience and skills in administration, customer service and teaching. As a natural problem solver, she thrives on finding solutions to any issues encountered by our users, and tackles queries by putting herself in your shoes. When she isn’t working, you’ll find Irina reading, painting or going for long walks, and she would love to travel more in the future.

Favourite emoji: 😌

May from Power Diary


Customer Success Representative

May provides customer support from the UK. She loves a good puzzle, making her a great asset to the team, as she works tirelessly to help our customers and solve any problems they face. When she isn’t working, May likes to spend her time hiking or playing video games. However, depending on whether she is close to the ocean or mountains, she also loves to surf or snowboard. In the near future, she hopes to tick off the one continent she is yet to visit; Antarctica!

Favourite emoji: 😅

Meryl from Power Diary


Customer Success Representative

Meryl has a passion for great customer service and supports Power Diary users with her strong problem-solving and analytical skills, combined with her project, technology and business background. She has a friendly personality and enjoys being part of our “super sleuth” team to get to the bottom of any issues. She especially loves working with our wonderful customers. Any free time she has is usually spent with family and friends, exploring, and enjoying sunny boating days. Meryl describes herself as a homebody at heart and loves curling up with a good book.

Favourite emoji: 🙊

Justin from Power Diary


Customer Success Representative

Justin is a quick-thinking problem-solver with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, so supporting our users comes naturally. Whether the task involves fixing an issue or helping a customer get the most from Power Diary, he rises to the challenge. Justin is self-motivated, and with his background in online software, he has developed strong analytical skills. Outside of work, he spends time with family and friends, playing piano or video games, or hitting the gym, and one day hopes to speak fluent Japanese.

Favourite emoji: 😂

Jane from Power Diary


Customer Success Representative

Jane is part of our customer support team but she originally started as a customer back in 2011! With the experience as a Power Diary user, Jane has learned all there is to know about our software and, along with her background in healthcare support roles, loves helping users to achieve all they need to within Power Diary. In her free time, Jane enjoys reading, cycling, and being with family and friends. She hopes to one day successfully keep her vegetable garden alive, and also learn to sew and be able to repurpose clothing.

Favourite emoji: 😁

Tanja from Power Diary


Customer Success Representative

Tanja is a member of our support team and as a people person, she loves helping our customers with any problems they encounter. She says that it “makes her day” when a customer is satisfied with our service! Tanja’s caring nature and great listening skills mean that she never gives up on a problem until it is resolved. Outside of work, Tanja loves skiing, boogie boarding, camping and travelling, as well as spending time with family and friends. She would also love to fly a light airplane!

Favourite emoji: 👍

Paul from Power Diary


Customer Success Representative

Paul loves working with people to achieve their business goals and helping them find ease with the business processes of their practice. He is a people-person through and through, with a genuine intent to help. Paul also loves to talk – a lot, which makes him perfect for this role! Outside of work, Paul volunteers at several community organisations and is also a part-time school instructor. For fun, he likes to play badminton, go to the beach, or cook with his family. He’d love to travel to ancient cities, see and study narwhals, and live near the coast.

Favourite emoji: 😁

Product Development

Continuously improving Power Diary to make it the best practice management system available

Miki from Power Diary


Engineering Manager

Miki’s role is to ‘grease the wheels’ within the tech team in order to maximise productivity. He knows that the single most important thing is the people, and combines his engineering and technological problem solving ability with organisational, administrative, and management planning skills to set the team up for success. Miki is also a pilot, so when he’s not working, he can often be found doing local flights for fun, cross-country flights for transport, or instructing the next generation.

Favourite emoji: 👏

Diego from Power Diary


Software Developer

Diego is part of our software development team. He likes to tackle problems with a customer oriented-approach, and always does so with a global view and long-term scalability in mind. Diego loves working within the super friendly and knowledgeable team. One day he hopes to move to a beach town and learn to surf. But for now, he enjoys spending his free time with his family, reading a good book, and occasionally doing some carpentry!

Favourite emoji: 👌🏼

Oleg from Power Diary


Software Developer

Oleg was one of Power Diary’s first employees and has even moved countries while working with us! Oleg has worked on most areas of the Power Diary code and his ability to break tasks into formal processes and algorithms helps ensure our system gets more robust, while ever more and more practices are using it. Oleg enjoys the fact that he can use a range of technologies and tools in order to find the best solution. Outside of work, Oleg enjoys reading and running.

Favourite emoji: 🤔

Alexey from Power Diary


Software Developer

Alexey is a software developer who works on new features and making improvements to Power Diary. He prides himself in creating reliable and stable software solutions that make our clients happy. Alexey loves to work on interesting tasks and learning the latest technologies he can apply in the development. He also says his “excellent colleagues” are one of the best parts of his work. When not working, Alexey’s favorite hobby is to go skiing.

Favourite emoji: 👍

Aleksei from Power Diary


Software Developer

Aleksei works on the Power Diary system and is known for his attention to detail and pursuit of perfectionism. He most likes seeing the instant result of his work and hearing positive feedback from clients (luckily we have lots!). In his spare time, Aleksei likes to read, play ice hockey, and enjoys music and art. He also enjoys traveling and would love to visit Hobbiton in New Zealand and see whales.

Favourite emoji: 🤔

helmy from Power Diary


User Interface Developer

Helmy is a UI developer and gets a buzz when “we release a new feature and users love it and they acknowledge it’s improving their business or making their day to day better – that’s really cool.” Helmy tries to think as our users would so that we can provide the best user experience possible. Outside of work, he likes to spend time with his wife and daughter and dreams of living near the beach or having a ranch.

Favourite emoji: 🙂

Michael from Power Diary


Software Developer

Michael is a software engineer and is responsible for developing new features and maintaining the system. He most likes working on parts of the code that he hasn’t used before and creating new architectural solutions. Michael prides himself on following best coding practices and is diligent with his work. He has recently become a father and loves spending time with his baby daughter. Michael also loves learning about space.

Favourite emoji: 🚀

Andrej from Power Diary


Software Developer

Andrej is a software developer and with his patience, focus, and passion for good practices in software architecture, he strives to ensure that Power Diary is continually improving, and built on solid foundations. He loves to grow both professionally and personally, and says he enjoys working with such a great team. Outside of work, he can be found reading, walking, and playing various sports, with basketball a particular favourite, which he played professionally when he was younger!

Favourite emoji: ❤️

Vlad from Power Diary


Software Developer

Vlad is a software engineer who strives to make our users’ lives easier with new technologies and modern approaches. He has a rich background in large enterprise applications and loves working on Power Diary because it keeps getting better and better. Outside of work, Vlad likes to play guitar and go backpacking. He’s also working on renovating his apartment and hopes to move in soon!

Favourite emoji: 🤗

Olexiy from Power Diary


Data Import Specialist

Olexiy is part of our data import team. His results-driven, curious nature makes him perfect for his role as he strives to get the best outcome for our new clients, making their switch to Power Diary as seamless as possible. He loves to develop new skills and processes, and really enjoys working within the team. Olexiy’s main passion is the sea, so outside of work, you’ll often find him windsurfing and participating in yacht crossings, and he hopes to one day visit the Caribbean Islands.

Favourite emoji: 😉

Robin from Power Diary


UI / UX Developer

Robin is a UX/UI designer who works to make the Power Diary application increasingly simple to use and pleasant to the eye. He loves incorporating design theory with real client feedback. Robin is known for being great with prioritising work to meet deadlines and enjoys collaborating with the development and support teams. When he’s not working, Robin enjoys spending time with family, drawing, reading, or watching movies.

Favourite emoji: 😎

Marc from Power Diary


Software Developer

Marc is one of our software developers. He has a passion for engineering solutions, and is a firm believer that in order to excel at something, you must fully understand the problem at hand, as well as the available tools. He is always eager to learn and develop his skills, and says he likes how everything is organised at Power Diary! Outside of work, Marc plays different sports, particularly football and crossfit. He also likes reading about psychology, and loves to travel, aiming to one day visit every country in the world!

Favourite emoji: 😁

Tihomir from Power Diary


Software Engineer

Tihomir is part of our team of software engineers and brings extensive programming knowledge from his previous experience. When asked what he likes most about working for Power Diary, he said he loves both working within the team and the projects themselves. Tihomir continually strives to be a better version of himself in whatever he does. Outside of work, you’ll occasionally find him in the gym, but he mostly spends his weekends exploring and visiting different places around his home.

Favourite emoji: 👌🏼

Communications & Marketing

Sharing practice management tips with clients and spreading the word about Power Diary

Daniel from Power Diary


Campaign Manager

Daniel is a multi-faceted marketer who has driven growth for top global brands, such as American Express, Dell and Salesforce. He has a methodical mindset, creative energy, and a team spirit which will be put to good use at Power Diary. Daniel is American and lives in both Alicante, Spain and Split, Croatia. He is also an individual inspired by comic book superheroes who use their powers to inspire others and lift one’s spirit.

Favourite emoji: 💥

Heather from Power Diary


Marketing Coordinator

Heather coordinates our communication initiatives including social media, blog posts and newsletters. She loves being part of Power Diary’s talented (and friendly!) global remote team. In addition to her experience leading marketing initiatives for non-profit organisations in the US, she brings a positive attitude, sense of humor, and enthusiasm for learning new things to her work. In her free time, Heather enjoys sewing her own clothes, going to the beach with friends, taking road trips to running events throughout New England (where she lives) and visiting her family in Texas.

Favourite emoji: 🤣

Zee from Power Diary


Marketing Assistant

Zlatina (or Zee) is a jill-of-all-trades who assists with our communications including emails and website improvements. There is no job she will not tackle and her problem-solving skills and attention to detail are very useful assets. It’s lucky she enjoys learning new skills (as well as working with our amazing team)! Outside of work, Zee likes to spend time outdoors with family and friends and enjoys painting, crafting, and most recently, gardening.

Favourite emoji: ⭐️

Kath from Power Diary



We have Kath to thank for writing many of the articles for Power Diary – pop over to our blog to see for yourself! Kath is great at researching and synthesising information, and collating it into a cohesive (hopefully engaging) flow for our readers. She loves the range of topics we cover and learning new things. With three small children, Kath doesn’t have a lot of spare time, but when possible, she loves to read or run with a friend (fueled by the reward of coffee afterwards).

Favourite emoji: 👌

Denis from Power Diary


Web Developer

Denis is a web developer with extensive experience working with WordPress and a special skill for website optimisation. He recently rebuilt the entire Power Diary website and says he enjoys working within the team and finds the work interesting. Denis loves to travel with his family, and one day hopes to relocate with them to Europe. He also wants to be one of the top 1% of website developers worldwide – he is currently in the top 3%!

Favourite emoji: 😃

Juliette from Power Diary



Juliette designs works on many of Power Diary’s visual communications, and uses her understanding of psychology to compliment her graphic design expertise. She sees Power Diary as a high-end productivity product, and loves helping to spread the word and encourage more practitioners to try it. As well as currently learning Polish, outside of work, Juliette is all about productivity, sustainability and minimalism, and dreams of one day owning a modern farmhouse in British Columbia, Canada, with a Dachshund dog!

Favourite emoji: 🤓

Razvan from Power Diary


Website Developer

Razvan is a former Cisco security engineer and now works on the Power Diary website. His attention to detail and perfectionist qualities make him perfect for this role and he says he loves the professionalism of the way our team works together. Outside of development, Razvan enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, meditating, listening to classic and rock music, and playing Assassin’s Creed on the PlayStation.

Favourite emoji: 🤘

Sofiya from Power Diary



Sofiya works within our design team creating our eye-catching blog images. She developed her skills by studying fresh and modern designs and is an active participant within the design community. As well as enjoying working remotely, Sofiya loves being part of the team and describes her work as “a pleasure”, always looking forward to her next project. She spends most of her free time at a large monitor with a cup of coffee, browsing beautiful design collections, and has a secret ambition to save 1 bitcoin!

Favourite emoji: 😂


Directing the team and doing all the other things!

Damien, co-founder of Power Diary


Co-founder & Head of Customer Success

Damien’s experience as a clinician and co-founder of a successful private practice, along with his interest in business and technology, created a desire to build a better practice management system. He is extremely passionate about helping health care practices and says; “I can’t think of a more rewarding way to spend my time than providing a system that helps healthcare professionals do what they do best.” For fun, Damien enjoys travelling, mountain bike riding, taking on DIY projects that exceed his skill level(!), and going fishing with his daughter.

Favourite emoji: 👍

Paul Adler, co-founder of Power Diary


Co-founder & Head of Product Development

Paul has built several successful technology businesses and loves the intellectual challenge of building scalable and robust software systems. His aim is to make Power Diary ever more powerful, while also maintaining the simplicity that makes people’s lives easier. Paul enjoys working with his team of skilled developers and solving complex problems together. He is also a keen adventurer and has scaled many of the world’s tallest mountains – including Everest! When not working, Paul spends his time skiing, cycling, or taking his kids on mini outdoor adventures.

Favourite emoji: 😋

Fiona, Head of Strategy, Marketing and Growth


Head of Strategy, Marketing & Growth

Fiona looks after communications and expansion into new markets for Power Diary. She has previously built several businesses – each based on using technology to help small businesses. She has an MBA and has also worked with a large strategy consultancy, but is most passionate about helping small business owners succeed. She loves using technology to make people’s lives easier and is passionate about productivity and simplicity. When not working, Fiona enjoys spending time on the lake with her family, doing yoga, paddle-boarding, or entertaining friends.

Favourite emoji: 😉

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