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Payments and Invoices

Customise invoices and receipts, enjoy secure payment processing, and eliminate the headache of outstanding account management.

Seamless Invoicing Makes Your Practice Run Better

With Power Diary, your invoicing is completely integrated – which means your invoices can automatically include details about the service provided, timing, and price and more.

It’s another way we streamline your business operations.

Customise Invoices and Collect Payments

Assign to the appropriate payers

Set invoices to be paid by the client, or allocated to a third party such as parent, employer or insurance provider. And remember, you can always de-identify the invoice if the situation requires.

List single or multiple services

Keep everything in one place by listing out single or multiple products and services on one invoice. For example, bill for a product and treatment session at the exact same time.

Include insurance details

Check one more thing off your list by setting invoices to auto-populate required content; including insurance details, referral information, payment options and clinician information.

Record full or partial payments

Keep paperwork up to date with the ability to record full or partial payments. In addition, record bulk payments from a client or third party, and then apply across outstanding invoices.

Customise your invoices

All your invoices are brandable; meaning you can customise them with your own logo and preferences.
Plus, you can also easily add custom invoice text on a per diary basis.

Invoice Setup

Collect payments

Get paid when clients book online, or wait until they attend; totally up to you.
We allow you to record multiple payment methods (cash, credit card, EFT, voucher, etc.)
Use your own credit card processing facilities, use integration with Stripe,
which allows you to quickly and securely process credit card payments online without a terminal.

Take Client Payment

Create and Send Client Statements

Combine multiple invoices.

Streamline your invoicing by combining multiple invoices onto one Statement. Print or email the statement directly to the client or third party payer.

Invoice multiple clients.

Need to invoice one person or organisation for multiple clients? Combine all appointments onto one statement, and deidentify client names.

Resend or recreate.

Statements are securely stored in the Client or Third Party’s profile. Resend it at anytime, or create a new statement to reflect current or outstanding invoices.

Manage Outstanding Accounts

Generate aged receivable reports that tell you who owes what and how much time has passed since payment was due.

Set calendar alerts that highlight any client with an outstanding invoice. This easily keeps payment collection top of mind.

Add a custom pop up alert when a client schedules a new appointment, or block booking until the invoice is fully paid and settled.

Email your clients when their account is outstanding with a polite reminder to pay. Include any applicable fee information.

Did you know our practice management system boasts over 100 features? Click here to view the full list.

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