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Data Migration

It’s Easy to Import Your Data with Power Diary 

Switching to a new practice management system is a commitment to growth, efficiency and better client care. At Power Diary, we understand that the decision may raise questions about data migration. After all, your data is the cornerstone of your practice; its security and accuracy are non-negotiable. That’s why we’ve engineered a data migration process that’s simple and reliable.

Let us show you how easy it is to move your data to Power Diary, and the support we provide to ensure your transition is seamless and worry-free.

Our Promise: Simplicity and Security

The beauty of our data import service lies in its simplicity and reliability. We manage the technical aspects of your data migration, leaving you free to focus on what matters most – your clients and your practice.

Our promise to you is:

  • A seamless transition with minimal disruptions to your day-to-day operations.
  • Comprehensive and secure data import.
  • A dedicated team of expert data import specialists to assist you.

Getting Started

When you’re ready to grow your practice with Power Diary, it starts with a simple step. Just fill out the ‘Data Import Contact Form’ form in your Power Diary account  or click the inquiry link below, to set the wheels in motion. You’ll be contacted within two business days to discuss your unique needs and plan your data migration

Get started with Power Diary.

The Data Migration Process

At the heart of the data migration process is our commitment to delivering a stress-free experience that ensures the integrity of your data. We’ve developed a step-by-step process that guarantees accuracy, speed and confidentiality. 

Initiate the Process

Initiate the Process

We spring into action when we receive your ‘Data Import Request’ form. Our team contacts you within two business days to understand your needs and expectations. 

Our Data Import Team will collaborate with you to plan and execute your data import to align with your specific requirements and timing.  We can meet with you (virtually) upon request to work through the logistics of your migration and answer any questions that you have.

Collect Your Data

Collect Your Data

If you are migrating from another system: please check here to see whether we have documented information specific to your current system. These articles will provide you with information including but not limited to:

  • What we can import
  • How to extract your data from your current system
  • Important learnings

If your current system is not included, we recommend that you contact the system’s support team to request guidance on how to extract your data, as they are best placed to assist.

Transfer Your Data

Transfer Your Data With Us!

To transfer the data that needs to be imported:

  • Login to your Power Diary account and navigate to the main menu. From there, go to Setup > Data Import, and upload all the files you want to be imported.
  • If you have more than two or three data files, please zip your data before uploading it.  This will ensure that your files are securely packaged, everything comes through to us, and it’s easier to manage.  For more comprehensive guidelines and troubleshooting, click here.
  • Please add a message to the Data Import Team at this point if there is anything specific you need them to know about what should be imported or left out.

Data Migration Process

The Data Migration Process

Our experienced Data Import specialists will take it from here. They cleanse, transform and import your data to your new Power Diary account, maintaining strict accuracy and confidentiality throughout the process.

Quality Assurance and Ongoing Support

Quality Assurance

Once we’ve successfully migrated your data, we conduct a thorough review to ensure its integrity and accuracy. We ensure everything is exactly as it should be, right down to the last detail.

Final Delivery

Final Delivery

After we’re satisfied with our quality check, we inform you that your data has been successfully imported into your Power Diary account. You’re then given the opportunity to review and confirm the results.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Our commitment to you continues after the data import. We provide free, unlimited customer support nearly 24/7 to be sure that you’re getting the most from the Power Diary system

Fast and Free Data Import Service:
A Seamless Transition

One of our primary goals at Power Diary is to reduce disruptions during your move. Our fast and free data import service is designed to do just that. Our expert Data Import Specialists will take charge of importing your data, so you have a partner in the process. 

We believe that moving to a more efficient system shouldn’t put additional stress on your resources. That’s why we offer our data import service at no extra cost to you!

Get started for free

14 Day Trial. Then pay-as-you-go. No lock-in contracts.

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Types of Data You Can Migrate

When we say ‘comprehensive,’ we mean it. We aim to transfer as much data as possible from your old system to Power Diary. 

Depending on the format and the content of the data provided, we are typically able to import the following data into your account:

  • Client Details
  • Client Tasks
  • Appointments
  • Clinical & Admin Notes
  • Services
  • Products
  • Referrers
  • Referrals
  • Contacts
  • Third Parties (Billers)
  • Communications (SMS, Letter & Email)
  • Documents & Files
  • Financial Information*

*In some circumstances – see FAQs here for more details.

What we can import is dependent on what you’re able to export from your current system. If there is any data that is of particular importance to you to have imported, please let us know.  Our Team can check your files and try to locate that data to determine if it’s viable for import.

Client Data: Your clients’ data is the lifeblood of your practice. Safeguarding this information during the transfer is our first priority. All necessary details like contact information, appointment histories, clinical notes, and more are securely transitioned to Power Diary.

Financial Data: Maintaining your financial records is crucial for seamless business operations. We work to transfer invoice histories, payments, and financial records wherever possible.

Documents: We understand the importance of maintaining an accurate record of client-specific documents. Our specialists assist in bulk uploading these documents, ensuring they’re ready for you to access when you need them.

Uncompromising Data Security

We’re committed to the highest levels of data protection, confidentiality and integrity.

Rigorous Security Standards

We’re dedicated to providing a safe digital environment that meets and often exceeds industry best practices and regulatory standards. Every step of our data migration process is designed to prevent unapproved access or data leakage.

Expertise Meets Security

Each data migration team member understands the sensitivity of the information they handle. They adhere to a strict code of conduct and follow rigorous security protocols to ensure the confidentiality and safety of your data.

Data Integrity

As we transfer your data, we work to maintain its accuracy and consistency. Post-migration, we conduct thorough quality checks to verify the integrity of the imported data.


Power Diary complies with global data protection standards, including ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, and Australia’s Privacy Act. We align our data handling practices with these protocols, providing an extra layer of assurance about our commitment to data security.

Continuous Improvement

We are believe in continuous improvement and adaptation. As technology evolves and new threats emerge, we adjust our security measures accordingly.

The Power Diary Difference!

When you make the move to Power Diary, you’re opting for a superior practice management system with unparalleled data security.

Get started for free

14 Day Trial. Then pay-as-you-go. No lock-in contracts.

Start your free trial before the end of [month] [year] to receive 50% off for 6 months.

Your Role

To give you the best start with Power Diary, your involvement in the data migration process is essential. The collaboration between yourself and our dedicated Data Import team creates the perfect conditions to a seamless transition.

At the beginning of the process, we’ll outline the tasks you can engage in for an optimal Power Diary experience. This isn’t just about importing data; it’s about creating a holistic workspace for your healthcare practice.

Your Data, Your Control 

Your first task is to download the data from your current system. Only you have unique access and rights to download your data safely and securely.

Power Diary Set Up: Beyond the Data Import

Some elements of your account will require manual setup. This is an opportunity for you to tailor Power Diary according to your specific needs.

Beyond account configuration, you can set up services, products and session packs, ensuring accurate invoicing and session tracking. Plus, by incorporating insurer and provider numbers, your invoices will be insurance and claim-ready.

When you choose Power Diary, you’re joining a platform ready to support your continuous growth.

If you have questions or need assistance setting up your account, we offer unlimited and free customer support, including email, chat, and live phone or video calls.

Remember, you’re crafting a practice management experience that fits your practice like a glove. Your involvement enhances the functionality of Power Diary, making it an even more effective tool for your healthcare practice. You’re not just a customer but an essential part of the Power Diary team.

Customer Feedback

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our success.

"Great. Lovely staff migrating my documents. Very helpful and quick to respond."

“All of my questions were answered quickly, and the process was made very simple.”

"I like the friendly, chatty tone of the emails, and it was a nice surprise as I was dreading doing...

Power Diary is robust practice management software with a commitment to your success.

Why Choose Power Diary? 

Power Diary is a practice management system that streamlines operations, drives efficiency and empowers professionals like you to do more. When moving to Power Diary, you’re opting for a system with a comprehensive suite of features designed with your needs at heart.

Your Practice at a Glance

All essential information can be imported into Power Diary– from your appointment calendar to your client records and treatment notes. Enjoy a simplified, clutter-free dashboard with a birds-eye view of your practice. Reschedule appointments, review client history, or track treatment progress — all from one central location.

Enhance Client Management

Power Diary brings all client data together under one roof. Basic demographics, medical history, session notes, and financial transactions — all these crucial data points will be imported and ready for use. The platform offers secure storage, easy accessibility, and simple management of your client records, ensuring a holistic view of each client’s journey.

Simplified Appointment Management

Power Diary’s intuitive scheduling system ensures seamless appointment management, and with our data migration service, all of your existing bookings will be transferred to your new Power Diary account. Automated reminders reduce no-shows, and online bookings make it easy for clients to see your availability and book an appointment 24/7.

Efficient Invoicing & Payments

Your financial data, including invoice history and payment details, can be imported into Power Diary by our expert team. The system simplifies billing, allows easy tracking of payments and automates invoice generation. Power Diary’s integration with leading payment gateways ensures secure, hassle-free transactions.

Effective Communication

Power Diary empowers you to stay connected with clients via SMS or email. Your past communication records can be imported, and future communications can be scheduled with ease. Power Diary makes this a breeze, whether it’s SMS appointment reminders, bulk emails or individual messages.

Powerful Reporting

When imported to Power Diary, your historical data helps create detailed reports providing insights into business performance. Monitor trends, track revenue, explore appointment statistics, and make data-driven decisions to grow your practice.

Tailored for Telehealth

In the age of digital healthcare, Power Diary makes it simple to conduct online sessions with a built-in Telehealth feature. All past and future online appointments can be imported and managed within the system.

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