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Telehealth Video Calls

Secure technology that makes video calls simple for you and your client

Virtually Connecting Patients and Practitioners

Power Diary meets the needs of today’s healthcare practices by providing flexible, accessible and efficient cloud-based practice management solutions. Our Telehealth services are specifically designed for allied health practitioners, equipping professionals worldwide with the tools to transform the way they operate and deliver patient care.

What is Power Diary’s Telehealth Feature?

Power Diary’s Telehealth is an all-in-one, easy-to-use feature for allied health practitioners designed to make healthcare accessible. Power Diary offers the choice of two Telehealth platforms, both available in the system, so you can choose the functionality that meets the needs of your practice.

Telehealth Lite

Provides a direct and secure connection between practitioners and patients, offering seamless screen-sharing capabilities. Patients just click on a unique link – no logins, no downloads. Available at no additional charge. Telehealth Lite works effortlessly on almost all laptops, phones, and tablets equipped with a camera and microphone.


  • ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR Compliant
  • In-Platform, Secure, Encrypted peer-to-peer session
  • Perfect for one-on-one sessions
  • Screen-Sharing
  • Free Forever

Telehealth Plus+

Our newly launched feature takes Telehealth services to the next level. This feature provides single and multiple participant sessions, screen-share and mirror view, in-session chat, and a safe, secure connection. This feature works perfectly on mobile and desktop, ensuring your patients can connect with you anytime, anywhere. Telehealth Plus+ is designed to adapt to your practice’s growing needs.


  • ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR Compliant
  • In-Platform Secure, Encrypted group video
  • Designed for Single and Multiple Participant sessions
  • Screen-Sharing
  • Dominant Speaker View
  • Pinned Speaker View
  • In-Session Chat & File Sharing
  • Backgrounds
  • Video and audio settings and testing
  • Client joining alert

Power Diary’s Telehealth Features

Virtual Appointments

Unleash Flexibility: Find the Solution with Virtual Care

Through our Telehealth software, practitioners can provide virtual appointments to patients who may otherwise have difficulty accessing care or prefer the convenience of connecting online.

Client Portal

Your Tool for Round-the-Clock Patient Service

Power Diary’s Client Portal gives patients secure, 24/7 access to book appointments, pay invoices, and review and cancel upcoming appointments.


Intuitive Design for Uncomplicated Care

Power Diary is designed for easy use by practitioners and patients. An intuitive interface makes it simple to connect and communicate.

Secure & Compliant

Unmatched Security that’s Certified & Complaint

Our platform is designed with advanced encryption and rigorous security measures to safeguard patient data. With continuous updates, we ensure the highest levels of safety and security. Our ISO 27001 certification is evidence of our unwavering commitment to data protection – Audited, Verified, and Certified for your peace of mind.

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Benefits of Telehealth

Benefits for Practitioners

Benefits of Telehealth for Practitioners

  • Effective, efficient communication: Telehealth video calls allow practitioners to communicate with patients without the need to reset a treatment room between appointments. Video conferencing also ensures that both practitioners and patients can connect in real time, whether the practitioner is in the office or not. 
  • Tailored patient care: Some patients may prefer remote appointments. Practitioners who use Telehealth can deliver custom patient care that accounts for each individual’s unique needs. 
  • Reduced operational costs: By running a Telehealth-only practice or a hybrid model, practitioners can significantly lower their operating costs. The reduction in costs related to office space, utilities and staffing leads to substantial savings.
  • Expanded practice scope: Telehealth software allows practitioners to extend their reach beyond the local area. They can collaborate with practitioners in different cities or treat patients in different geographical regions.
  • Lower no-show rates: Offering Telehealth services can significantly reduce patient no-shows. As Telehealth provides a convenient healthcare option, patients are more likely to adhere to their appointment schedules. This results in improved engagement and better use of practitioners’ time.

Benefits for Patients

Benefits of Telehealth for Patients

  • Convenience: Thanks to Telehealth, patients no longer have to travel long distances or wait in an office to see their healthcare provider. Instead, they can connect remotely and receive the care they need.
  • Decreased exposure: In addition to convenience, Telehealth services help reduce patient exposure to infectious diseases. Since patients can connect remotely from the comfort of their own homes, there is no risk of exposure to other patients who may be sick.
  • Added comfort: Using Telehealth software can offer patients more freedom and comfort. Instead of feeling anxious about sitting in a practitioner’s office and sharing personal health information, patients may feel more at ease at home.
  • Affordability: Patients can save on transportation costs since they don’t have to spend money on fuel or public transport to get to the clinic in person. Also, practices using Telehealth software platforms sometimes offer Telehealth services at a reduced rate, so patients have more access to affordable healthcare. 
  • Increased access to care: Telehealth makes healthcare more accessible, especially for patients in remote areas or with mobility concerns. Patients can access a wider range of specialists without geographical limitations.

Why Choose Power Diary for Telehealth?

Seamlessly integrating with our practice management tools, Power Diary’s Telehealth is the perfect addition
to an allied health practitioner’s toolbox. It’s all about making your professional life more streamlined.

Comprehensive Practice
Management Solution

With Power Diary, you can access a wealth of features beyond Telehealth. Features include – Calendar Management, Secure Online Forms, Client Portal for Online Bookings, Clinical Notes with Templates, Secure Messaging, Secure Payments, Reports and Analytics, Waitlist, Automatic Reminders and Robust Integrations. We offer everything you need to run a modern, efficient practice.

ISO 27001 Certified

Our commitment to security is unmatched. Power Diary’s Telehealth features adhere to the stringent standards of ISO 27001 certification, providing secure and safe connections. Rest easy knowing your patients’ privacy and data security are protected.

Simplicity at its Best

Our Telehealth services are designed for ease of use. Patients need only click on a unique link – no downloads, no accounts, and no complicated setup procedures. Healthcare should be accessible, and we make sure it is.

Tailored to Your Needs

No two practices are the same. That’s why we offer two unique Telehealth functionalities – Telehealth Lite for one-on-one consultations and Telehealth Plus+ for enhanced features like group calls, screen sharing, and in-session chat.

Customer-Centric Approach

At Power Diary we’re a partner committed to creating empowered and powerfiul health practices that benefit the practice owners, their teams, and their communities.

What Practitioners are Saying About Telehealth

The benefits of Power Diary’s Telehealth services are best told through the experiences of the practitioners who use them.

“I just wanted to say thanks for the new Telehealth feature. I used it twice with clients today and it worked seamlessly. Really appreciate your support in helping us reach clients and your generosity in making it free in the tough times. Thank you.”

Dr. Carol Ann Clifford,
The Harbour Psychology Group

“Incredible software and very easy to use. The Telehealth function is great and I cannot recommend PD enough. PD gives you back your time because it streamlines things for your practice. The help desk staff are also amazing and help with any and every question asked!”

Rebecca Underwood,
Progressive Psychology

“We were so excited to hear that Power Diary had built a Telehealth feature. At that point we were in the middle of trialing several different platforms, but even our tech savvy testers were having trouble with them. We were really concerned about how some of our patients were going to manage it. Then we tried it on Power Diary. It is so simple. No downloads or account set up for the patient. We simply send them a link via email or text and they click on it. One less thing to stress about in this stressful time!”

Tarina Warren,
SYP Physio

Experience the Power of Telehealth

Telehealth has profoundly reshaped how healthcare services are delivered. At Power Diary, we’re not just adapting to this change – we’re leading it. Here’s how our Telehealth solutions can empower your practice:

  • Improved Accessibility: Rural patients, those unable to travel, or even those preferring the convenience of home-based consultations now have access to quality healthcare. Telehealth breaks down geographical & physical barriers, putting your practice within reach of those who need it most.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Less time on follow-ups means more time for new patients. Evidence suggests that telemedicine results in fewer follow-up visits, leading to more efficient use of your time and resources.
  • One-Click Convenience: Power Diary’s Telehealth services are designed with simplicity and convenience in mind. There’s no need for complex set-up procedures or downloads – patients can access appointments with just a click. Automated SMS messages and email reminders, complete with your client’s Telehealth URL, work together to virtually eliminate no-shows.
  • Highest Standards of Security: Patient privacy is paramount. With ISO 27001 certification, Power Diary’s Telehealth services offer secure consultations, protecting your patients’ data and peace of mind.
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Why Choose Power Diary?

Selecting the right practice management software is an important decision, but Power Diary covers all of the bases,
making it an obvious choice. Here’s why…

Spend Less Time on Admin

Power Diary is designed to empower practice owners, practitioners and admin teams to operate efficiently and make the business of running a practice easy – so that you can focus on actually seeing patients. We aim to reduce time spent on admin with features to help manage schedules, billing, treatment notes, service delivery, operations, and more.

Work from Anywhere

Power Diary is an online practice management software – so it’s accessible from anywhere. You can use Power Diary when working from home on a tablet, checking your schedule from your mobile, or coming to the clinic and using a computer. Being cloud-based also provides security benefits, and your software is always up-to-date.

ISO 27001 Security Certification

Power Diary is one of the only practice management systems to be certified with ISO 27001 – the highest global security standard for healthcare data. Power Diary is also fully compliant with all applicable healthcare data privacy and security laws and frameworks in the markets we serve – allowing practices to rest assured knowing that their patient data is secure.

Create a Practice You Love

Our software is designed to help make your health practice a joy to manage. By using Power Diary, you also join a vibrant community where valuable insights and advice on managing health practices are exchanged. You also gain access to a wealth of free webinars, tutorials, articles and tools that provide support for growing and managing a thriving health clinic.

Easy Data Migration & Import

When you move to Power Diary from another practice management system, we provide a fast and free data migration service to import your existing data without missing a beat. This can include clients/patients, contacts, referrers, appointments, services, invoices, payments, treatment notes and more. Just upload your files, and let us do the rest.

Unlimited, Free Support

Power Diary’s customer support is best in class, and our team is available by online chat and email 7 days a week, almost 24 hours a day. We take immense pride in providing fast, friendly, and expert support that truly sets us apart. Plus, Power Diary is simple, intuitive and easy to use with no tech skills required. With no software to install, you’ll be up and running in minutes.

FREE Practice Operations Manual

By using Power Diary, you access your own Practice Operations Manual. This comes with over 100 pre-written policies and procedures that you can easily add to and modify to suit your practice. It helps ensure you’re meeting the standards of your professional, legal and regulatory obligations, as well as increasing predictability and practice productivity.

Best Value for Money

Power Diary’s goal is to empower health practices, which is why our pricing is designed to be extremely affordable. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or a large, multi-location clinic, Power Diary’s pricing is cost-effective and fair. Start a 14-day free trial (no credit card required!) to see how Power Diary creates value and makes a difference in your practice.

Flexibility & Money-Back Guarantee

We don’t believe in lock-in contracts. With Power Diary, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time. You own your data and you can export whenever you choose. You can start with a free trial, but after that we also provide a Money-Back Guarantee so if you decide Power Diary isn’t right for you, we’ll refund 100% of your subscription fees.

Practice Management Software for Every Clinic

Power Diary’s Telehealth solutions support a diverse range of healthcare disciplines:

Is it secure?

Yes. This is an end to end encrypted connection between your computer and your client’s computer. The system is fully compliant for health care use, including HIPAA and GDPR compliance. There are no third parties involved, and the call is end to end encrypted. We have carefully designed the system so it isn’t possible for anyone, even us at Power Diary to access or intercept your call. Our systems help with establishing the session, but then once you have connected with your client, it’s directly peer to peer encrypted between you and your client. More detailed information about the security of this feature is available on our Telehealth Security Privacy and Compliance page.

How does it work?

Power Diary creates a unique Telehealth room for each of your clients, secured by a key. When you and your client both go to the room with the special key, the call will begin.

How do I access it?

Navigate to a client’s appointment in your Calendar and click on the video icon shown below. You’ll then click on “Start Telehealth Session” to connect to the client’s Telehealth room. See also Getting Started with Telehealth.

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