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Practice Operations Manual

All of your policies & procedures available at your fingertips!

Over 100 Policies & Procedures Included

Whether you’re a sole practitioner, or you run a large, multi-location practice,
a comprehensive Practice Operations Manual is essential.

This industry-first feature provides a core set of policies and procedures that are
ready to use and easily adapted to your practice.

To auto-generate an Operations Manual for your Practice!

No credit card required.

Completely configurable for your business.

Why Do You Need an Operations Manual?


Ensure your practice is meeting its legal and regulatory obligations as well as any requirements of your professional association.


Clarify expectations for team members and create a system they can follow to increase productivity and high quality standards.

Risk Management

Having strong policies and procedures in place provide practices with additional protection and defense against legal or other claims.

Peace of Mind

Clear guidelines and standards allow practice owners to sleep easy, knowing their practice is operating in a smooth and predictable way.

Developed by Industry Experts

Don’t be caught without the necessary policies in place!

A core set of done-for-you policies and procedures are provided within Power Diary. These have been developed by a team of industry experts with over 50 years of practice management experience, and cover everything your business needs to operate.

Types of Policies and Procedures Included…

Key Contacts & Information

Who do you contact if there is a water leak, where do you order supplies, and how do you contact the landlord? Ensure these details (and more) are always on hand.

Team Conduct

Communicate the practice’s core expectations for team members, including guidelines for conduct, disciplinary procedures, social media, and leave policies.

Team Support & Development

Document the team support, recruitment, onboarding, meetings and wellbeing guidelines. Provide existing team members and new recruits with clear expectations.

Health & Safety

Guidelines to prevent workplace injuries and ensure a safe and secure working environment are paramount. These policies help keep your practice operating safely.


These policies cover the core guidelines for your practice security, including data security, computers and devices, handling physical records, and alarms.

Confidentiality & Privacy

Patient confidentiality & privacy is critical and these policies cover client information management, third-party requests, and other data handling processes.

Customer Service

Don’t leave the client experience up to the interpretation. These policies include guidelines for greetings, professional boundaries and dealing with difficult clients.

Appointment Management

A documented set of policies around the management of appointments, booking procedures, reminders, no-shows, emergencies, and more.


A set of policies and procedures for managing telehealth appointments including the use of technology, risk management, and client consent.

Physical Environment

These policies set the standards for the physical environment at your practice, covering everything from cleaning and disinfection to general waste and hazards.


A core set of administration guidelines, including guidelines for managing phone calls, mail, faxes, banking, filing, data entry, and email.

Practice Resources

A place to house all of the downloadable resources for patients and the practice team, as well daily checklists and other tools to improve operations.

Ready to Use and Adapt for Your Practice

Completely Configurable

The Practice Operations Manual comes ready-to-go but is also completely adaptable for your business. Edit, delete, archive policies to suit your practice.

Add Your Own Policies

Have our own policies to add or documents you would like to share with your team? Simply add them to your Practice Operations Manual in Power Diary.

In-Application Deployment

No more passed around and out-of-date paper copies. Your Practice Operations Manual is available in its entirety within the Power Diary platform. Accessible to all users of your system, and editable only by those with access.

Create Your Own Practice Operations Manual Now!

To auto-generate an Operations Manual for your Practice!

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