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Calendar Management

Appointment management made easy with alerts, reminders, waitlisting, and more.

Client Appointments

Add an individual appointment to any online diary.

Group Appointments

Add a new group appointment to any online diary.

Personal Appointments

Order by daily, weekly, or group appointments.

Recurring Appointments

Set appointments to recur at required frequency, e.g. weekly, fortnightly etc.

Coloured Appointment Flags

Use custom flags to identify important information, e.g. New Client.


Record preferences, add to waitlist. Text availabilities, and receive replies.

Multi-Location Practitioner Availability

Appointments automatically set to location based on practitioner availability.

Appointment Warnings

Display visual warning flags on selected appointments.

Appointment Conflict Alert

Get an alert if a new appointment conflicts with an existing booking.

Multiple Availability Blocks

Add multiple start, finish and break times per day.

Intuitive Client Search

Automatic search of client database as new appointment created.

Appointment Search Tool

Search tool to find upcoming appointments for specific clients.

Multiple Calendar Views

Order by daily, weekly, or group appointments.

Custom Calendar Intervals

Set calendar intervals to suit your business e.g. 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Custom Business Hours

Set business hours on a per user or location basis.

Availability Exception Rules

Add availability exceptions such as public holidays, staff meetings, etc.

Date Selector

Quickly navigate to any date in the past or future.

Custom Display Order

Change order that practitioners are displayed on the main calendar page.

1 Click Management

Easily add, edit, customise or deactivate clinician calendars.

Deactivated Practitioner Storage

Former staff can be deactivated with all information saved.

Drag + Drop Ordering

Move appointments around; easily edit start and finish times.

Custom Calendar Display Size

Set your calendar to display with small, medium or large blocks.

Multiple Locations

Automatically set locations for appointments based on availability.

Quick Jump Navigation

Shortcut buttons to quickly jump ahead in your diary

Custom Calendar Design

Set custom colored backgrounds to indicate different locations.

Printable Appointments

Print a hard copy of your appointments for the day, week or a group view.

Permanent Practitioner Deletion

Securely purge all content from our database forever.

SMS & Email Communication

Automated and customisable text messages and email reminders

SMS Reminders

Automated text message reminders prior to appointment.

Email Reminders

Automated email reminders prior to appointment.

Auto Appointment Confirmation

Appointment status updated based on client replies.

Custom Reminder Content

Use default or write your own reminder message to match your needs.

Up to 3 Reminders

Automatically send up to three text or email reminders per appointment.

Merge Fields

Use merge fields to personalise your custom messages.

Adjustable Notice Time

Automatically send reminders 1 to 7 days in advance.

Adjustable Reminder Settings

Can be adjusted at a practice, client or individual appointment level.

Reminder Notes + History

View details of all reminders sent and text replies received.

Instant Booking Notifications

Send clients an immediate text or email when a new appointment is booked.

Early Weekend Reminders

Opt to send weekend appointment reminders on Friday instead.

Link Embedding

Email reminders can link to other resources, e.g. map, directions, fees.

Telehealth Video Calls

Secure video calls that are simple for you and your client

Two In-App Telehealth Options

Select the telehealth solution that best suits your needs.

Click & Connect

Your clients just click a link to start the call – no downloads or logins

Choose Your Solution

Select between Telehealth Lite at no cost or upgrade to Telehealth Plus+ for advanced features.

Online Payments

Take payments online for your telehealth sessions

Screen Sharing

Easily show your client your screen to demonstrate or discuss something

Secure & Compliant

End-to-end encryption and compliant with all health standards (including HIPAA)

Online Forms

Create custom forms to collect client information online

Form Template Library

Start from our library of preconfigured templates – then customise to suit your purposes

Create Your Own

Use text fields, multiple choice (with single or multiple selection options), yes/no options, and more

Adaptable for Your needs

Use for Client Intake Forms, Telehealth Consent Forms, Outcome Measures Assessments and a lot more

Collect Signatures

Include signature fields for your clients to sign (eg for consent forms)

Send to Clients

Send forms to your clients by SMS or email – they receive a unique link to complete the form

Any Device

Clients can complete their form on a smart phone, tablet or computer.

Responses Saved

Your clients’ form responses are automatically saved to their client record


Automatically notify the primary practitioner and/or other team members when a form is submitted

Add Branding

Add your clinic’s logo to your online forms to leave a professional impression with clients.

Create PDF Files

You can also save the client’s completed form as a PDF which can be emailed

Multiple Templates

Set up as many Online Form Templates as you like to cover all aspects of your practice

Safe and Secure

Like all Power Diary features, online forms are built for health practices to be secure and compliant

Client Management

Keep all your client information organised with everything in one, secure and accessible place

Secure Client Database

Secure and protected database of all past and current clients.

Back and Forth Text

Have real-time, back and forth SMS chat with clients.

File Tagging

Organize and manage your file uploads with our tagging system.

Preferred Reminder Types

Override default settings and set the client’s preferred reminder types.

Custom Client Classifications

Setup and assign client classifications e.g. weight loss, anxiety, life coaching.

Auto Letter Writer

Generate letters with client or referrer information merged.

Set Client Recalls

Set client recalls and select a custom template to be sent.

Automated Event Reminders

Receive notifications for specific events e.g. client birthdays, session expiration.

Preferred Notice Periods

Override default settings and set client’s preferred notice periods.

Multiple Gender Options

Set your own custom gender options in addition to male, female, and other.

New Appointment Control

Block / allow new appointments to be created for individual clients.

Archive or Delete Old Clients

Safely dispose of outdated client information and records.

Clinical Notes

Our treatment note templates save practitioners lots of time

Custom Note Templates

Include text areas, tick boxes, multiple choice, body charts, and diagrams.

Upload and Attach Files

Upload and attach files or documents to individual session notes.

Duplicate Previous Note

Create a new note by duplicating a previous note.


Autosaves as you type to prevent losing your work.

Print Client File

Print all notes for hard copy back up, or to supply to others when required.

Quick Find Search Tool

Use the search function to locate notes containing specific content.

Edit Body Charts

Draw or annotate body charts within the session note.

View and Write Mode

Simultaneously view any previous note while writing a new note.

View Note History

Scroll through previous notes to quickly view client history.

Online Bookings

Allow clients to book and pay online at their convenience.

Unique Booking URL

Link your website to your Client Portal using your unique URL.

Accept New Clients

Allow new clients to instantly register and book appointments.

Custom Service Selection

Allow all or only some service types to be booked online.

Embeddable Client Portal

Embed Client Portal directly into your website (optional).

Appointment Rules

Set new appointment rules (e.g. must book 12 hours in advance).

Custom Cancellation Policy

Enforce custom cancellation policy (e.g. 24 hours notice required).

Accept Credit Card Payments

Require or give client option of paying at time of booking.

Brandable Portal Options

Add your logo or header image and set colours to match your image.

Access Control

Control exactly what your clients can see and do.

Personalised Instructions

Display custom instructions to clients accessing your Client Portal.

Individual, Group, or Class

Enable bookings for individual appointments and groups/classes.

Custom Terms & Conditions

Option to allow new clients to instantly register and book appointments.

Own or Any Clinician

Enable clients to book any clinician or only their usual provider.

Privacy Protection

All other client details and appointments are hidden.

New Client Registration

Set business hours on a per user or location basis.

Payments & Invoices

Secure, flexible, and seamless invoicing, payment processing, and more.

Brandable Invoices

Customize your invoices/receipts with your logo and details.

Single or Multiple Service Listing

List single or multiple services and products provided during appointment.

Full or Partial Payments

Receipts display full or partial payments received.

Online Payment

Process credit card payments without a terminal.

De-identify Invoices

Opt to remove client name and identifying information from invoices.

Print or Email

Invoices, receipts or statements can be printed or emailed to client or contact.

Custom Invoice Text Per Diary

Add custom text to display on invoices generated from each diary.

Adjustable Invoice + Receipt Size

Select size to suit your needs and client preferences.


Combine multiple invoices on to one Statement.

Include Additional Info

Add payment terms, bank details or custom message on invoices/receipts.

Edit Individual Charges

Edit charges for services and products provided for a specific appointment.

Assign Invoice to 3rd Party

Assign client invoices to third parties such as their employer.

Include Provider Number

Automatically includes provider number and other practitioner details

Multiple Payment Methods

Record cash, credit card, EFT, cheque, vouchers, and more.

Medicare + Insurance Compliance

Automatically adds required information to all invoices.

Reports & Analytics

Generate system reports that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your data.

Create Client Reports

  • Appointments
  • Birthdays
  • Client classifications
  • Client retention
  • Expiring memberships
  • New or inactive clients
  • Total appointments booked

Maintain Financial Reports

  • Accounts receivable
  • Aged receivables
  • Invoices created
  • Payments processed

Generate System Reports

  • Deleted appointments
  • Inactive referrers
  • Marketing campaign logs
  • Recent referrers
  • Recurring appointment expiration
  • Session pack expiration

Robust Integrations


Seamlessly process credit card payments directly through your Power Diary account


Save time by exporting your clients, invoices, and payments directly to Xero

Medicare & DVA

Submit bulk billed or patient claims directly through Power Diary

Google Calendar

Your calendar can be automatically synced with Google Calendar, allowing you to use your phone to view appointments


Manage your clients’ exercise prescriptions by using Physitrack right within Power Diary


Export your clients directly to your Mailchimp account to really maximise your marketing and communication efforts


Use a Tyro EFTPOS machine to take payments and process Medicare Easyclaim and HealthPoint health insurance claims

Practice Operations Manual

A place to hold your operating policies and procedures with a complete set, ready-to-go

Pre-Written Policies & Procedures

Over 100 policies and procedures already prepared and ready to adapt for your practice.

Completely Configurable

Add new policies, edit the pre-written policies or archive or delete to suit your practice.

All Available within the App

Your operations manual is always available, wherever you or your team are working.

Security & Compliance

We keep your data safe, secure and compliant

Secure User Control

  • Activity tracking
  • Add, edit, suspend, or delete anyone
  • Simultaneous multiple user access
  • Unique access control
  • Unique usernames and passwords
  • Unique user permissions
  • Unlimited users

Complete Permission Control

  • Available times only
  • Payments processed
  • Read-only access
  • Sales
  • View appointments only

Data Protection

  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Activity tracking
  • Automatic data backup
  • SSL
  • Compliant with all major international data protection laws and regulations including GDPR.
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