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Speech Pathologist says new systems were a big factor in growing to 15 practitioners and 3 clinics within 3 years

In the last 2-3 years, Lauren and Catherine’s clinic has grown from being just the three practitioners in one location to having 3 locations and 15 employees! They’ve also expanded their services to become a multidisciplinary paediatric centre which consists of Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy services. Lauren says she’s not entirely sure how they’ve grown so quickly.

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Speech Pathologist breaks free from Evenings of Admin

When Sophie first started her speech pathology practice, she used a simple paper diary and manilla folders for client files. But by 2015, she realised that things had to change. With a busy schedule seeing up to 8 clients a day, the paperwork was getting out of hand. It was becoming increasingly harder to find things and she didn’t feel like she was ever on top of the workload. She was also motivated by environmental concerns and wanted to move towards a paperless clinic (or at least avoid using paper as much as possible!).

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How a Well-Established Speech Pathology Clinic uses Power Diary to Streamline their Operations and Support Organic Growth

Devon Barnes started what was to become Lindfield Speech Pathology & Learning Centre 30 years ago in her garage. As the practice grew, she rented a local office, expanded and relocated, and they are now at the point where there are 10 speech pathologists working in the practice. Devon freely admits that the transition from a paper-based practice to online was difficult, but as she says; “It got to a point where something had to change.” After looking at all the major systems, they said; “We are really glad we chose Power Diary; it’s excellent.”

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