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Private Practice Leadership Accelerator

Private Practice Consultant / Coach, Australia

Private Practice Leadership Accelerator is a coaching program for health businesses with 2-3 team members, earning 300-750K revenue and looking to scale to 7 figures, without burning out.

About Private Practice Leadership Accelerator

Valerie Ling, a Clinical Psychologist and founder of the Effective Group of businesses, has dedicated her career to helping leaders in the health and wellness industry to reach their full potential. She understands the challenges you face in balancing the demands of your business with your personal health and well-being, and she has a proven track record of helping business owners like yourself achieve remarkable results.

Through her mastermind coaching program, Private Practice Leadership Accelerator, she will guide you through a transformative journey that will help you harness mindset transformation, enhance your financial health, generate better recruitment leads, and strengthen team growth. All of this will be accomplished while effectively managing stress and increasing your marketing and visibility. Her program is designed to empower you to scale your business, achieve financial freedom, and still have time for yourself.

Valerie firmly believes in a world without burnout and holds the belief that leaders in the health industry bear a responsibility to lead the way.

Special Offers for Power Diary users

For Power Diary users, Valerie offers a free 30-minute consult. Just mention the Power Diary Partner Program when getting in touch.

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Email:[email protected]

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