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e-clinic vs. Power Diary

Choosing a practice management system can be a difficult decision, but one which should be taken with careful consideration.

Whilst both e-clinic and Power Diary are great options, there are some very different features and functionalities which really separate them.

What’s the difference between
e-clinic and Power Diary?

In short, if you are looking to streamline your practice whilst reducing costs, then Power Diary will be the best choice for you. Particularly if your practice would benefit from two-way communication, a waitlist feature and advanced appointment reminders. You can also take advantage of our free data import service.

We’ll explain exactly how below, or start a free trial to see for yourself…

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See Why Health Practices Love Power Diary

Top rated with 800+ reviews Top rated with 800+ reviews

I’ve used a number of different practice management systems and there’s no doubt that Power Diary is best in class.

Dr. Ryan Kaplan, Clinical Psychologist
Be Psychology and Mental Health

It's been the best program to use. It makes life a whole lot easier. Especially when it comes to the...

Raymond Inkpen,
Principal Clinical Psychologist
Psi Balance Psychology

Absolutely love Power Diary! It’s simple to use and makes my life easy. Cannot recommend this enough to allied health...

Alison Wheatley,
Byford Physiotherapy

Why should you choose Power Diary?


Affordable Pricing

When comparing the pricing of e-clinic and Power Diary, there are differences with the pricing structure, as well as a substantial difference with the amounts.

The pricing structure for e-clinic is very basic, with each individual account costing a set monthly amount for the first 5 users. Anything over 5, and the practice would need to contact e-clinic for a quote. With e-clinic it appears that every account incurs a price increase, which can quickly become very costly for larger practices, or those looking to grow.

In contrast to this, Power Diary’s pricing is structured into 4 plan sizes based on the number of diaries your practice requires. This supports you in periods of growth, whereby you’ll pay the same amount for 9 practitioners as you would for 4, and the same for 20 practitioners as you would for 10. With Power Diary, you have the ability to add and remove practitioners whenever needed.


Free Data Import

At Power Diary, we believe that switching to a new system shouldn’t result in the loss of your data, or you being left with no option other than to pay for a system’s costly data import service.

For this reason, we offer a data import service completely free of charge. Simply upload the data file exported from your previous system, and our experienced data import specialists will work on uploading the data into your account exactly how it should be. In the meantime, you can continue to use your Power Diary account with minimal disruption to your practice. The process typically takes 24-48 hours, and we will email you once the import has been completed. You can even take advantage of our import service during your free trial!

To import your data into e-clinic, you must request a quote via their helpdesk, with quotes based on the amount of time it will take for the import to be completed; likely meaning that larger, or more established practices will be most affected.


More Than Just Appointment Reminders

Whilst both systems allow for SMS and email appointment reminders to be sent, only Power Diary has inbuilt logic which recognises and processes any SMS replies, and updates the booking status to confirmed or cancelled. All with no manual work required! Additionally, you can choose for the respective practitioner to be alerted to any changes, allowing for speedy action should a cancellation occur.

Auto-processing replies provides a substantial time saving on administration, and ensures your schedule always remains up-to-date.

Any replies with e-clinic are sent to the practitioner’s email, requiring them to be manually processed within the diary, sometimes leading to notifications being missed.


Smooth Communication with Two-Way Email and SMS

Although both systems allow for bulk email and SMS messaging, only with Power Diary are you able to have seamless two-way conversations with your clients, colleagues, and other healthcare providers, all without having to leave the app!

The two-way functionality is convenient for both the practitioner and the client. By keeping responses grouped together within the app, it means no switching between devices or windows, and ensures messages aren’t overlooked in a busy inbox. Plus, to your clients, the SMS messaging will just seem like a normal text chat.

As with the appointment reminders, any communication sent from e-clinic is one-way, quickly affecting the flow of a conversation.


Waitlist to Effortlessly Fill Cancellations

Cancellations occur at every practice. They cause unnecessary stress, and financial loss, particularly when you have little time to fill the slot. Unlike e-clinic, Power Diary has a solution for this in the form of a waitlist feature.

Power Diary’s waitlist will not only eliminate any stress, but it’ll save you time too. Choose to filter clients according to criteria such as availability, preferred practitioner, and length of wait. In just a couple more clicks, you’ll have sent a bulk SMS message directly from the waitlist, then all you have to do is wait for the slot to be taken. And with 99% of SMS messages being opened within 5 minutes of delivery, you shouldn’t be waiting long!


No Installation or Setup Charges

As a web-based system, Power Diary requires no bulky software installations. Instead, you simply log into your account through the website via your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and you are ready to go.

One prominent benefit of being a web-based system is the saving on installation costs. Power Diary has no installation or setup costs, whereas with e-clinic practitioners incur a £500 installation fee.

In addition to this, e-clinic cannot be self-installed, with customers referring to the process as ‘difficult to install’ and ‘costly’. A two hour slot will be arranged with a member of e-clinic’s team, who will then work through the installation process.


In-Platform Practice Operations Manual

Policies and procedures are essential when running a practice, but with everything else going on, policies can become an afterthought. With Power Diary’s industry-first in-platform Practice Operations Manual, we’ve done most of the work for you! The Practice Manual includes more than 100 policies and procedures- simply make any edits you’d like (or add in policies of your own!) and you’ll have everyone in your practice on the same page, in no time. e-clinic doesn’t offer this feature, and neither does any other practice management system, you’ll only find this at Power Diary.

No risk with our Money-Back Guarantee

Yes, you read that right! Simply start your account now, and if at any point over the next 12 months you decide Power Diary isn’t right for you, just let us know. We’ll refund 100% of any subscription fees you’ve paid.

Still not sure whether to choose
Power Diary or e-clinic?

Here’s a chart where you can make a fair assessment…

Power Diary vs. e-clinicPower Diarye-clinic
Free trial14 day free trial with access to all features including SMS messaging and data transfer.No, the only option is to book a demo.
Price for 1 practitioner (per week)£8 £4*£16.15 (£70/month)
Price for 3 practitioners (per week)£14 £7*£48.45 (£210/month)
Price for 7 practitioners (per week)£20 £10*Not publicly available.
Price for 15 practitioners (per week)£32 £16*Not publicly available.
Price for 30 practitioners (per week)£45 £22.50*Not publicly available.
Calendar managementChoose from multiple appointment types with corresponding colour coding. Set appointment flags to show booking status. Support multiple locations and flexible recurring availability patterns. Able to sync with Google calendar, and set custom availability for online bookings.Yes, but restricted compared with Power Diary. Can set multiple locations, recurring availability patterns and appointment flags to show when a patient has arrived, did-not-attend, and completed.
SMS & email remindersSend up to 3 SMS and email reminders per appointment. Able to customise sending times, and responses auto-update appointment status within the diary.Automatically send clients SMS and email appointment reminders. Flexible sending times.
Responses do not auto-update the calendar.
2-Way SMS chatSeamless conversations directly through the app.Messages sent are one way.
TelehealthFree telehealth solution (forever!) for all existing customers, as well as those joining soon. No software required, and no logins for your clients. All calls are secure and fully compliant with all health standards.Whilst video conferencing and remote consultations are mentioned within a blog post, there is nothing on the website to suggest e-clinic supports telehealth appointments.
Online FormsRequest information including signatures prior to bookings to maximise use of appointment time. Choose from a library of specialist customisable templates, or create your own. Able to apply clinic branding. Responses auto save to the client file.Online form-builder means you can easily create your own clinical and consent forms. Able to collect signatures.
Client management system
Treatment notesOver 100 specialised and customisable templates. Choose from multiple choice and tick boxes, note sections, image and body charting with annotation and much more. Easily duplicate previous notes, and view full edit history of templates.Yes, but limited customisations and sections compared with Power Diary. Pre-prepared templates provided and practitioners are able to create their own. Can add image & body charting with annotation section.
Online bookingsOnline bookings can be made via the portal. The portal can be branded with clinic colours, a logo and header image, plus personalised instructions and cancellation policy. Appointments auto-update the diary.
A booking link can be added to a website or facebook.
Online bookings possible. Limited information on capabilities and branding options.
WaitlistAble to see who is waiting, and sort/group by preferred practitioner length of wait, and availability. Send bulk SMS directly from the waitlist.No waitlist feature.
Invoices & paymentsAble to combine multiple invoices for insurance or business billing. Auto-populates insurance details. Set calendar alerts flagging new outstanding payments, and alert practitioners of new online bookings with clients with outstanding invoices (or block them until settled!). Integrates with Xero and Stripe.Integrates with Xero. Invoices can be assigned to insurance, contact person or company.
Credit card processingIntegration with Stripe. Request and process payments at the time of booking online, during home visits or Telehealth appointments. Clients are also able to pay directly through the client portal.Inbuilt payment platform for online payments. Unclear as to whether payments can be processed at the time of booking online.
Reports & analytics
Money-back guarantee
Data import serviceComprehensive data import service of up to 54GB free of charge.e-clinic will look at data from the previous system and give a quote based on the time it will take to import.
Practice Operations ManualThis industry-first feature provides a core set of policies and procedures that are ready to use and easily adapted to your practice.

*This comparison article reflects information available as of April 2020.

*Pricing with current special offer available until the end of this month.
All prices are in GBP.

You can see why Power Diary is trusted by thousands of practitioners.

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Here’s what Power Diary Clients are Saying…

"Very simple to use. The support has been prompt and helpful. Clear interfaces. Would recommend to any similar business."

Antony Choice,
Sports Massage & Injury Management Clinic

"I love Power Diary and use it everyday. It integrates well with my phone calender and has all the features I need to run my business. I have confidence my client files are safe and record keeping is easy."

Louise Croker,
The Wilga Tree

"Love Power Diary and won't be changing! Good customer service with quick and detailed replies. The online portal has saved me hours of admin. It's also easy to use and has multiple functions."

Dr. Defne Demir,

"Helps me get organised and make my appointments for the week. I can easily visually see who is still owing payments and also it creates space for me to add extra things. Your help desk is amazing. Thank you!"

Sophie Egan,
Sophie EGAN Speech Pathology Clinic

"Using PowerDiary has allowed me to decrease the time spent on writing client notes, creating practice reports as well as reducing the amount of paper I use in my business. I love how I can log in from my computer or tablet, allowing me to keep my documentation in my mobile business up to date."

Leesa Musarra, Occupational Therapist
Therapy Solutions

"You won't look back - it's excellent! Power Diary has made invoicing and receipting enjoyable and professional. I love the note templates which I have customised, and enjoy the support it gives my practice each day. It’s put the fun back into admin tasks for which I am immensely grateful. I only regret not getting it earlier."

Helen Fraser,
Artemis Psychology

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