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The Psych Assistant

The Psych Assistant
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Virtual Assistant / Reception Service, Australia

The Psych Assistant helps Psychologists, AMHSWs, OTs, and Speechies with admin overwhelm by simplifying and automating processes within their practice.

About The Psych Assistant

The Psych Assistant’s team of Virtual Assistants (VA’s) know what is involved in running a practice. They work with Psychologists, AMHSWs, OT’s and Speech Therapists across Australia. From Medicare requirements and NDIS to working with EAPs and WorkSafe clients. The Psych Assistant VA’s are experienced in Power Diary, meaning you won’t have to invest considerable time and resources in training, and they can hit the ground running.

Their VA’s work with multiple practices, meaning the cost is shared. For less than the cost of one psychology consult per week, you can have your very own VA dedicated to your clinic and clients. Plus, remote work means you won’t have to pay for overheads or other office-related expenses. You only pay for work that is actually done.

The Psych Assistant supports practices of all sizes, from solo startup to large group practices. Their team keeps up with industry news, so they can pass the information onto you, ensuring your practice is up to date with Medicare, NDIS, and other requirements.

But don’t take our word for it – check out their reviews and testimonials on their website and Instagram!

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