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    Health Care Professions

    Who Uses Power Diary?

    Our practice management software is used by health and wellness clinics in over 23 countries.
    Our clients are often solo practitioners, but many are also large, multi-location clinics.
    These are the professions we are most popular with:


    Physiotherapy (or physical therapy) clinics love the treatment notes (with the ability to mark up diagrams), and also our integration with Physitrack.

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    Psychology clinics are one of the heaviest users of Power Diary. The reason behind that is probably one of our co-founders a psychologist.

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    Power Diary helps podiatry clinics reduce the time needed for administration tasks and seamlessly manage their claims.

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    Massage Therapists

    Many masseuses and remedial massage therapists use Power Diary. They love the “book now” feature that allows their clients to book online.

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    Speech Therapists

    Speech pathologists and therapists use Power Diary to manage their busy schedules. They love that they can record and link family information.

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    Chiropractic clinics love using Power Diary to manage lots of appointments. Automatic appointment reminders are also important for these clinics.

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    Many naturopathy clinics use Power Diary and love that they can write up detailed notes using their own, customised templates.

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    Acupuncturists & Chinese Medicine Practitioners

    Power Diary helps acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinics stay organised and manage their clients seamlessly. The appointment reminders reduce no-shows.

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    Personal Trainers

    Power Diary is used by fitness studios and individual personal trainers. They often make use of the multi-session packs and group appointments.

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    Dieticians use Power Diary to keep detailed notes about client progress. The integrated invoicing means that accounts are always up-to-date.

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    Mental Health Specialists

    Practitioners in the mental health space appreciate Power Diary’s high-level of security. Customised notes and a library of templates is also a plus.

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    Osteopathy practices love that they can manage their clinic from one platform. The reports give insight into areas for improvement and growth.

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    All kinds of therapists use Power Diary to run their practices. With reminders, notes, online bookings, invoicing and more, it provides everything they need.

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    Nutritionists love the ability to keep detailed client records. The integrated client communications are also useful for sending update emails or SMS’s.

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    Homeopathy clinics can provide services and sell products, all through the one system. There’s a complete
    record of every client’s history.

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    Social Workers

    Social work clinics have enough to worry about without dealing with unnecessary administration – which is why so many of them love Power Diary.

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    Power Diary is used by many counselling clinics and individual councellors wanting to take the headache out of practice management.

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    Plus More!

    While these are our most popular health care professions, Power Diary is also the clinic management software for other professions such as medical specialists, skin care clinics, pilates studios, multidisciplinary clinics and more.

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