What is Practice Management Software?

You asked, Power Diary answered.

Practice management software (PMS) is a type of program used to operate medical and healthcare practices. Its core purpose is to help organize administrative tasks, streamline appointment bookings, simplify invoice creation and billing, and manage client or patient medical records. At the core, a practice management system will include a diary (calendar for our United States customers) or scheduling program to manage patient bookings. In addition, there will also be a client management function that stores important patient details. Practice management software providers offer a diverse range of features, and this usually varies depending on the type of health practice the software specializes in. Most practice management systems will include these key features:

  • Appointment calendars
  • Cient database
  • Clinical notes
  • Patient correspondence
  • Test result uploading
  • Text/email appointment reminders

Feel like your practice is perfectly fine on its own? Like you don’t want to waste your money on practice management software? Well, you just may want to think again. These statistics from a recent study conducted by SoftwareAdvice.com point to a growing need.

  • Percentage of healthcare professionals who need help with scheduling 81% 81%
  • Percentage of healthcare professionals who need help with assessments and client notes 66% 66%
  • Percentage of healthcare professionals who need help with billing 66% 66%