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Calendar Management

One click appointment management, multiple location rostering, and more.

One Click Appointment Management

Keep your staff in the know with a universal calendar.

Power Diary caters to both solo practitioners and multi-location clinics; so appointment management is a breeze.

Want proof? If you’re familiar with Outlook, Google Calendar, or iCal, you’re bound to be an expert. No more endless “points and clicks” on multiple screens. Keep it organised by managing multiple calendars in one place. You’ll be booking appointments in seconds.

Enjoy the flexibility of seeing all your practitioners at once or one practitioner’s entire week.

SMS & Email Appointment Reminders

Drastically reduce no-shows and cancellations with automated reminders.

Set and Forget Simplicity

Automatically send clients or their contacts SMS and email appointment reminders. Customize reminder settings to fit the preferences of your clientele.

Appointment Confirmation

When clients reply to confirm or cancel their appointment, our system reads this message and instantly updates their status (all without you lifting a finger).

Unlimited Customisations

Tweak the message type (SMS or email), the content, and timing. Customisation helps increase attendance rates with just a little added effort.

Multiple Appointment Types


Client appointments are for regular, one-on-one bookings. This is usually the most common appointment type among our practitioners.


Create a group event and add multiple clients. Set capacity limits to prevent overbooking or spreading yourself too thin.


Block off space for some self-care, staff meetings, holidays, personal appointments, office renovations and more.

Waitlist Functionality

Keep waitlist management free of complications.

Power Diary lets you quickly see who’s waiting, their preferred practitioner, and their availability (sorted by day and time).
This means you can easily fill empty spots as soon as they become available – without shuffling through a marked-up paper waitlist.
You can also see when their last and next appointment was (if applicable), and send a text message to selected clients.

Plus More Calendar Features

Universal Roster Control

See who’s working where and manage a large staff between multiple locations.

Multiple Locations

Create rosters for each location and auto populate with matching location info.

Recurring Roster Patterns

Determine and set weekly or bi-weekly recurring roster patterns.

Custom Online Availability

Enjoy complete control over available times shown in your online client portal.

Override Control

Override your roster to block out national holidays, staff meetings, etc.

Multiple Roster Views

Toggle between views to get the best perspective on the weeks ahead.

Daily or Weekly View

Assess the days ahead by viewing multiple calendars one day or week at a time.

Custom Grouping

Sort calendars by profession, specialty, or dozens of other segments.

Quick Toggle

Quickly jump to one, two, or multiple different roster views with no delay.

Colour Coding

Colour code your appointments for quick and easy identification.

Appointment Flags

Easily see when an appointment is pending, confirmed, cancelled.

Customisable Flags

Alert staff viewing the roster of new patients, child client, a consultation and more.

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