Better Client Management

All your client information organised, stored securely and available from anywhere.

The Basics You’d Expect…

Power Diary manages everything you’d expect, and more.

Basic details

Information such as name, address, date-of-birth and contact details.


Client contacts include parents, partners and next-of-kin.


Client private health and other insurance details.


Referral information included referrer details, provider numbers and duration.


All past and future appointments, including attendance history

Invoices and Payments

Complete invoicing and payment history, including current outstanding amounts


Create custom classifications for indicating diagnosis, health status, or any other grouping.


Set preferences such as preferred service and appointment reminder method and timing.

Plus a Whole Lot More

Treatment Notes & Electronic Health Records

Enjoy the freedom of going paperless, securely.


Treatment Notes

Create custom Treatment Note templates with multiple elements including text areas, yes / no questions, multiple choice and image annotation.

File Uploads

Upload and securely store test results, scanned letters, reports, images or any other electronic files.


Create correspondence directly in Power Diary (letters, emails or text message) and save them directly to the Correspondence section of the Client file.

Instant Letter Generator

Get your Letters and Reports Done Fast!

Step 1 - Select Template

Select your desired letter template. (You can create and save as many letter templates in your account as you like.)

Step 2 - Tweak as needed

Your letter will instantly be generated and personalised using over 30 merge fields.  Just tweak the content as needed.

Step 3 - Print. Save. Done!

That’s it.  Just print and save your letter.  It’ll be safely stored in the Client’s file.

Referral Management

Add Multiple Referrals

Add one or more referrals to a Client Record, including the referral expiry date.

Auto Populate Details

Invoices will automatically be prepopulated with all the relevant referral information.

Know your Best

Generate reports to identify who is referring to you, referral value as well as those that haven’t referred to you in a while.

Track. Control. Customise.

Managing the little things takes care of the big things.

Track Session Numbers

Create Session Packs with a set number of appointments and let the system count them down.  Great for fixed session referrals, or selling blocks of sessions.

Custom Alerts

Add custom alerts to client profiles.  The alert will display anytime a new appointment is booked for them, and the alert saved as reminder for when they attend their appointment.

Block bookings

Have a client who’d you rather not see again?  Place a block on their record to prevent you or your team accidentally booking them in the future.  It’ll also prevent the client from making appointments via your Client Portal.



Your client information is the most important part of your business.  Not only do you have a legal and ethical requirement to preserve and safegaurd it, but it is also where the bulk of your business value lies.

Enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your data is automatically backed up, that you don’t have to handle physical files, and that you’re complying with health record storage regulations.

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