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Client Management

Breathe easy knowing client information is organised, secure, and accessible from anywhere.

A CRM for Your Practice

Everything you need to manage your client details.

Basic Details

Basic information such as name, address, date of birth and contact details.


Keep track of client contacts include parents, partners, children and next of kin.


Securely store client private health and other required insurance details.


File referral information including provider numbers and duration.


All past and future appointments, including attendance history.


Complete invoicing and payment history, including outstanding amounts.


Create custom classifications for diagnosis, health status, etc.


Set preferences such as preferred service and reminder method.

Client Correspondence

Seamless communication without ever having to leave your account

With our instant letter writer, email communication, and 2-way chat, keeping up with clients is a piece of cake. Gone are the days of pulling up your email account, sorting through a desktop calendar, and flipping rapidly through your weekly diary. And, with our handy client recall functionality, you can set custom communication templates at an individual level. Bottom line? We don’t want client communication to be seen as yet another administrative heavyweight.

Instant Letter Writer

Clinic CRM Letter Writer

Save time and increase productivity with our Instant Letter Writer. Generate letters with client or referrer information already merged. When you’re finished, export to Microsoft Word, PDF, or simply print. Then, save the letter as sent or as a draft. Don’t forget to create a letter template that you can quickly reference in the future. Want to keep permanent track of the correspondence? Save the letter to your client’s record. Bottom line, our instant letter writer helps you spend less time on sorting paperwork and more time on treatment.

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”

Advanced Data Tagging

Organise your data with file tagging, classifications, and more.

File Tagging

At Power Diary, “easy as” isn’t easy enough. File tagging allows you to mark your uploads with unique tags that help you sort files on your terms.

Custom Classifications

With client classifications, you can tag each patient with a custom label, and use this as a sorting identifier when running reports or viewing your data.

Multiple Gender Options

As proud supporters of the LGBTQ community, this feature was a no brainer. Set custom gender options that match your client’s identity.

Adaptable Client Preferences

Each of your clients are unique, so we allow you to set preferences for each individual. For example, maybe your older clients don’t enjoy SMS reminders – not a problem. Mark their preferred reminder type as email only. Plus, our preferred notice periods allow you to override default settings for each individual. Finally, automated event reminders remember the “important things” so you don’t have to (client birthdays, session pack expiration, and more).

Secure Client Data

We protect your private information like it’s our own.

With Power Diary, your data is secure. The protection of your patient information is top priority, and we’ve taken extra measures to ensure the safety of your data is never compromised. We safeguard all personal and sensitive information, and you can trust that your data is owned by you. We never use your client information for 3rd party research, and you can export any information at any time.

Did you know our practice management system boasts over 100 features? Click here to view the full list.

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