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Online Bookings

Clients can book online 24/7 while you maintain control over clinicians, services, and availability.

Client Portal

Enjoy reduced administrative costs as clients book appointments on their schedule.
You don’t need to be in the office, on call, or even near your email. With our easy to use Client Portal, you can get bookings around the clock. Make the most of this feature by placing your unique booking URL on your website, Facebook page, in an email, or wherever it’s most convenient. Let patients book appointments on their time, with little to no effort from you.

How Online Booking Works

Online Booking Step 1

Step #1

First, clients click on your unique booking URL to open up the Client Portal. For booking convenience, they can access this portal anytime.

Online Booking Step 2

Step #2

They then select the clinician, service, and time. While clients can book without your assistance, you maintain control over availability.

Online Booking Step 3

Step #3

Clients review appointment details and book by hitting confirm; it really is that simple. You then get alerted with an instant notification.

Full Control Over Booking

Accept New Clients

Allow new clients to instantly register and book appointments.

Appointment Rules

Set new appointment rules (e.g. client must book 12 hours in advance).

Brandable Portal Options

Add your logo or complete header image to match your brand.

Cancellation Policy

Enforce cancellation policy (e.g. client must cancel 24 hours in advance).

Clinician Preferences

Allow clients to book their usual clinician, or open up to any providers.

Individual, Group, or Class

Enable instant online bookings for individuals, groups, or classes.

Personalised Instructions

Display custom instructions to clients access your online Client Portal.

Terms and Conditions

Display custom terms and conditions relative to your clinic or practice.

Accept Payment at Booking

For added convenience, you can allow clients to pay via credit card at the time of booking.
But as always, we leave it totally up to you. Make it a requirement, just give patients the option to pay, or shut off payment functionality all together. As with every feature in Power Diary, this Client Portal was built with you in mind. We have made online booking completely hassle-free. A seamless scheduling experience means your diary will be packed with eager clientele. Plus, here’s a pro tip. Take the booking experience to the next level by customising your Client Portal with your own unique branding.

Did you know our practice management system boasts over 100 features? Click here to view the full list.

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