The Team

Power Diary is operated by a team of IT and Service Industry professionals who are passionate about providing technology solutions for appointment based industries. The Team also provides free, easy-to-understand, jargon-free product support for all Power Diary clients. You can check out our support site here.

The Technology

Power Diary uses the lastest information management and programming technology to provide a user experience that is intuitive, enjoyable, and most importantly, safe. Power Diary's severs are based in Australia ensuring premium speed, reliability and security.

The Name

Power Diary is more than an online diary. It's powerful features include client profile management, appointment reminders, sms and email marketing, financial reporting, sales and staff reports, session tracking and much more. That's why we call it Power Diary.

The Focus

At Power Diary we are focussed on assisting appointment based businesses run more smoothly, increase productivity, provide great service, and deliver superior financial and lifestyle rewards for their owners and operators. This drives everything we do.