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Our Gift to You! Top Resources of 2023

As we near the year-end, it’s time to set the stage for an exceptional 2024 in your practice.

To help you get started, we’ve curated a collection of the standout Power Diary resources from the last 12 months. Keep reading for our most popular webinars, tutorial videos, podcast episodes and blog posts!

Most-Watched Webinars of 2023

These webinars were hits in 2023, providing insights and actionable strategies for health practices. From expert guidance to the latest Power Diary features, watching one (or more!) of our top 3 will help keep your business moving forward.

How to Save Time with Power Diary Templates

Learn how to enhance your practice’s efficiency with Power Diary templates. These configurable templates streamline your workflow, allowing you to focus more on client care and less on administrative tasks. Watch and discover how templates can transform your daily routine!

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Building & Nurturing Referral Relationships

Discover how to initiate and maintain referral relationships that enhance your practice’s growth and reputation. This webinar offers strategic insights on establishing mutually beneficial partnerships, expanding your professional network and increasing client referrals.

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What’s New at Power Diary: August 2023

Stay up-to-date with key Power Diary developments from 2023, including communications updates, a 48-hour restore function for deleted clients, and Telehealth Plus+.

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Most-Watched Video Tutorials of 2023

Using Power Diary effectively is key to improving the client experience and supercharging your practice’s success.

The top video tutorials of 2023 highlight newly released features and helpful tips. Watch to ensure you’re getting the most from the system!

New Feature: Diagnosis Codes

Released in January, Diagnosis Codes provide quick and easy access to diagnosis information on the patient record. Once a diagnosis is added, it can easily be applied to bills when required for health insurance claims.

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New Feature: Telehealth Plus+

Released in August, the full version of Telehealth Plus+ includes advanced features to transform your practice. From secure, encrypted group video calls to in-session chat and file sharing, Telehealth Plus+ adapts to your practice’s growing needs.

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How To: Parent-Child Accounts Setup

A Parent Account helps to easily switch between multiple Power Diary accounts with a single login. This function is useful for anyone who works with multiple businesses that use Power Diary for client management, such as virtual assistants.

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Most-Listened to Podcast Episodes in 2023

For busy practitioners, podcasts offer a convenient way to stay informed on the go.

Our series, The Practice Power Up, is perfect for those with packed schedules. If you’re new to our podcast or looking for the year’s highlights, dive into these 3 standout episodes!

Goal Setting & Achieving! for Health Practitioners

Discover the power of effective goal-setting in this episode. Tailored for health practitioners, we delve into strategies and tips to set, pursue, and achieve your professional goals, helping you chart a successful path for the future.

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Elevate Your Health Practice Through Customer Service

Learn how exceptional customer service can transform your private practice. This episode focuses on strategies to enhance client satisfaction, loyalty, and overall practice growth through outstanding service.

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Building & Nurturing Referral Relationships for Healthcare Practitioners

Explore the art of creating and maintaining strong referral relationships in the healthcare sector. This insightful discussion offers practical advice on developing a robust referral network, essential for the growth and sustainability of your practice.

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Most-Read Blog Articles of 2023

Our blog is a go-to source for quick, relevant insights in the fast-paced world of allied healthcare. As we revisit the highlights of 2023, we’re proud to present our most-read blog articles.

10 Types of Positive SMS Messages You Can Send to Clients Today + 40 Free Templates

Enhance client communication with our guide to crafting positive SMS messages. This article offers 40 free templates, helping you connect with clients through thoughtful and effective text messaging.

➡️ Read it here: 10 Types of Positive SMS Messages You Can Send to Clients Today

Billing Cheat Sheet for Podiatry in 2023

Navigate the complexities of podiatry billing with ease using our comprehensive cheat sheet. This resource simplifies the billing process, helping to ensure accuracy and efficiency in your practice’s financial management.

➡️ Read it here: Billing Cheat Sheet for Podiatry in 2023

SOAP Notes vs. DAP Notes

Understand the differences and applications of SOAP and DAP notes in clinical documentation. This article provides a clear comparison, helping healthcare professionals choose the most suitable method for their practice needs.

➡️ Read it here: SOAP Notes vs DAP Notes

Healthcare Social Media Strategy: Posting Tips & Schedule Template

Boost your healthcare practice’s online presence with our strategic guide to social media. Learn effective posting tips and use our schedule template to create consistent, engaging content.

➡️ Read it here: Healthcare Social Media Strategy: Posting Tips and Schedule Template

9 Data Security Mistakes Health Practices Make & How to Avoid Them

Protect your practice from common data security pitfalls. This essential read highlights frequent mistakes in healthcare data security and offers practical solutions to safeguard your practice’s sensitive information.

➡️ Read it here: 9 Data Security Mistakes Health Practices Make and How to Avoid Them

Set to Soar in 2024?

It may feel overwhelming to choose from all the resources available, but don’t stress! Dive into whatever has sparked your interest on the platform you prefer, whether it’s an insightful article, an engaging podcast, a step-by-step tutorial, or one of our helpful webinars.

Here’s to a prosperous and thriving 2024!

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